Losers For Kerry

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jimnyc, Mar 1, 2004.

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    Fifty-seven varieties of leftists who stared defeat in the face … and lost … are fellow-traveling with John Kerry’s candidacy, endorsing him to tread where they’ve trod.

    Losers of the left, unite! You have nothing to lose but what you’ve already lost.

    Had the Massachusetts senator to the left of that other one set forth deliberately to assemble a coterie of failed political performers he could not have compiled a more illustrious list of qualifiers for membership in Losers Synonymous.

    All share a glaring similarity: They or earlier losing candidates they’ve supported are too liberal for most Americans to stomach. Here are but a few of those rejected by their own (the list is sanitized of any mention of numerous Hollywood lefty starlots following the Kerry camp).

    The Envelope, Please …

    # Wesley Clark:

    “I came, I saw, I skedaddled with my tail between my legs.”

    # Max Cleland:

    “Take it from me. Run on your record in Vietnam.”

    # Dick Gephardt:

    “Can’t scare me. I’m stickin’ with the union.”

    # Jean Carnahan:

    “I’m from Missouri. I was going to show ‘em.”

    # Gary Hart:

    “No one pays attention to your personal life.”

    # Teddy Kennedy:

    “If it hadn’t been for Chappaquiddick maybe I could get elected dogcatcher outside Massachusetts.”

    # Walter Mondale:

    “You can bore some of the people some of the time, but you can also bore all the people all of the time.”

    # The New York Times:

    “Why not endorse Kerry? We’ve already lied to the American people, time after time after time. That’s why we’re known as the Times.”

    Soon to be signing up for Kerry, in all likelihood:

    # Howard Dean:


    # Al Gore:

    “Ye-e-e-e-a-a-a-ah, y’all!”

    # Bill Bradley:

    “I warned about Gore. Now Dean’s fouled out. Put me in, coach.”

    # Carol Moseley-Braun:

    “They didn’t want me. So I backed Dean. They didn’t want Dean. So I’m backing Kerry.”

    # Jerrold Naddler:

    “Dean let me down with a big thud, but then he was no heavyweight.”

    # Former Texas Gov. Ann W. Richards:

    “As it turned out, my first choice, Howard, was born with both feet in his mouth. Here I go again.”

    # George McGovern:

    “And I had such hopes for Gen. Clark. Oh, well, here’s my plan.”

    # Michael Dukakis:

    “I know John Kerry. He’s one of us. He was my lieutenant governor. Somebody help me.”

    # Bob Graham:

    “I have a secret, but I either won’t tell or I can’t remember.”

    # John Edwards:

    “Second place ought to be worth something.”

    # Jesse Jackson:

    “Running mate or we demonstrate.”

    # Jane Fonda:

    “We were right then, we’re right now. See you in Hanoi at the big reunion.”

    # Jimmy Carter:

    “Ah feel a malaise comin’ on.”

    # Jacques Chirac:

    “I shall délivair zee United Nations vote. Le monde, c’est moi.”

    # Saddam Hussein:

    “Go for it, man. But hurry!”

    # Other rag-tag remnants of the far left scrambling aboard the Kerry bandwagon, convinced it will transport them into the promised land if only it follows in the ruts they so meticulously have worn out for it – the bumpy road to nowhere that keeps jostling leftist politicians off the driver’s seat:

    “We will continue our nutty behavior and continue to expect different results.

    “Quick, somebody, print up a membership card in Losers Synonymous for our illustrious inductee, John F. Kerry. And a big hand for our next failed presidential nominee of the Democratic Party!

    “Let’s hear our 2004 campaign slogan. All together now:

    “Keep Left! Keep Losing!”

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    Oct 20, 2003
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    North Texas
    alls fun and well, but I think the democrats are doing a disservice to themselves by ignoring john edwards and going with kerry. Doesn't leave independents much choice but the lesser of three evils once again.
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    Feb 15, 2004
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    You know, you wrote Dukakis and honestly I have forgotten all about the man. Yes I remember when he ran against George Bush the first some years back ... and then?

    Well about four or five years ago I was in Orlando airport (or some airport in Florida) and I was awaiting my ATA flight back to Boston when I heard the gentleman at the checkin counter speak down the radio. He was talking about Dukakis the former govenor of Massachusettes. Two minuets later, Dukakis and his wife Kitty stroll through the crowded gate without a stir. Mike looked around as did his wife and they checked in as two ordinary citizens. No one looked at them, no one asked them questioned, no one even knew who they were. I did of course, and perhaps others did - but no one cared in the slightest bit.

    I began to think of when he ran for President and was wondering how many people in that gate room actually voted for this man standing before me? Probibly a quater or more of them and now, not one of them notices or cares who is he any longer. He had faded from their minds.

    I felt sorry for him then - I really did. They boarded the plane, I never saw them again.
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    Feb 22, 2004
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    You know its odd, Dukakis is one of the few Democrats that i respect. When everyone was jumping on the bandwagon to endorse people early in the primaries a reporter asked him what he thought it would take for the contenders to win. He responded "How should I know? I lost." The other Democrats seem to refuse to face the reality that they lost.

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