Looking for the 1%? They are easy to find.

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    If the ows-ers really want to make an impression on those evil 1%-ers, here's a list of people they should start with. These were the 50 richest Congress members (2009). Maybe their homes and estates should be occupied until each and every one of them coughs up their fair share? Not only are they the 1%, they are the authors of most of the ills plaguing this country at present.
    The 50 Richest Members of Congress (2009) : Roll Call Special Features Guide to Congress

    Or how about this bunch? They are definitely part of the 1%. And if you follow the personal and public politics of most of them, they should be writing checks as we discuss this. You would think they'd be all over themselves to help pay off some unfortunate homeowner's mortgage.
    Hollywood’s Highest Paid Stars 2011 – Highest Paid Actors ‹ The Richest People In The World 2011

    Or how about these representatives of the 1%? At least they provide more entertainment and less commentary than most of the bunch in the link above.
    The World's Highest-Paid Athletes - Forbes

    Fact is, every single one of the useless bags of water in all the links above are part of the 1%. And every single one of them does less to earn that kind of money than the guy who serves you your Big Mac, or the teller in the bank, or the guy who cleans the building you work in. While some of them are making lots of noise, even expressing enthusiastic support for the occupiers, you are not seeing them throwing off the bonds of their wealth, are you?
    Occupiers, put your money where your mouth is, here are people who are truly the enemies of the "little guy".

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