Longest KESC punishment on the name power failure Yesterday

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    Longest KESC punishment on the name power failure Yesterday
    I want to drawn the attention of high management of KESC including KESC – CEO that our area of SOLDIER BAZAR ( Zainabia House ) badly affected yesterday Wednesday July 11, 2012.

    The problem since morning of low power voltage and when we contact to KESC complain centre at night 10 PM asking KESC IT IS too much punishment now relief us than more interesting to share first power restore at 2 AM at night but not last 5 minutes than gone these thing happen 3 to 4 times, at last finally power restore at 3 PM mid night.

    I want to ask a simple question what is the problem and your staff do not rectify the problem and take so lengthy power to proof that you busy or lazy cum carelessness.

    Why our building and some other surrounding building are affected but rest of other area in Soldier Bazar or Nishter Park have electricity which means we have been specially select for punishment for utilizing electricity honest and pay bill within due date, please tell his is torture and punishment method of us ( honest consumers ) than how KESC punished the ill-legal users? Or they are assets and goodwill of the company that reasons no yet punishment design or place.

    Realized that one of our neighbor a widow old elder lady how suffer in total darkness and give like image that we are not alive but buried in our graves. What a sick company never realized to work and get relief the consumers but seem always work at night or late hours to proof they are busy, KESC – CEO can ask which job they all are busy that reasons solve our problem at 3 AM mid night.

    I pray to God do not give any spare time or relief to those black sheep, corrupt and dis-honest working in KESC, punished all responsible by silent stick whose negligence and delay we suffer pain plus enjoy sleepless day n night. When KESC management and CEO will awake and take notice and action of this longest power break down in which HONEST consumer suffer (women's, children, elderly and patient)

    I am also KIDEY transplantation patient done on Dec 14, 2004 by Rtd Col. Mukthar ( Kidney Centre – Pindi ) and now registered with SIUT & my No. is OTX 123, if anyone has doubt to re-confirm, why you KESC people want to kill in the name of torture and pain which is totally unbearable.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Ashfaq Sharif

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