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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wavingrl, Nov 20, 2012.

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    'The forum I would never join'/all women--so hormonal and so crazy.

    I didn't click on the bookmark to go there, must have hit it anyway logging onto IE--first thread--'Out of rehab' and then another--posted by an attorney in a big LA law firm--'If not teaching what careers have good schedules?'

    mmmmhmmm--She is the poster who horrified the group by making a cruel post about the victims of hurricane Sandy. 'Why don't they go to community/town hall meetings and find the gumption/inner strength to take care of themselves---(that is what I would do.)

    Oh---others did not like that. Flaming began. and Rightfully so, jmo.

    she is married to a Trustifarian---her term. Trust fund baby. He works for the rights of elephants --practically probono. So she has to work ?80-100 hrs a week at the big law firm.

    Much stranger than fiction --the stories that are told there.

    Good for a LOL.

    Eating disorders, never funny --the host of disorders that afflict those of the 21st century are never funny. Tiresome to hear of all the disorders.

    Some in this group will drink Fanta Orange and whipped cream vodka to ease the pain. Sort of surprised at that. Why not pure grain alcohol--cheaper, much cheaper and it would taste better than the Fanta concoction.

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