Little mentioned on campaign trail, poverty widening in US

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    For all the talk by Obama about producing jobs, fixing the economy, and bolstering the country’s middle class, a dispiriting prospect looms ahead of November’s election: The nation’s poverty rate is poised to rise to its highest level since President Lyndon B. Johnson launched his war against it.

    With nearly one in every six Americans now living in poverty, advocates for the poor say little attention is being paid to the issue and express concern over how this fall’s elections could influence government programs meant to aid the poor.

    The Obama Administration Presented New Poverty Numbers As “An Achievement In Tough Economic Times.” “Obama administration officials said on Wednesday that the fact that the poverty rate stayed flat was an achievement in tough economic times,once again Obama considers failure as success.
    “Today’s report confirms that the American Dream remains out of reach for too many families

    While this may be the best President Obama can do, it’s not the best America can do.

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