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    An analysis of the first Presidential debate:

    Read entire article here.

    The look of annoyance that Dennis mentions at the end of the article was very clear during the Wednesday debate, and the reason for it became quite clear to me at that time. The President hates what Sen. Kerry stands for, the things he says, and the way he behaves because of the danger it represents to the country. Likewise, it visibly distressed him just to know that people had to listen to the Senator. The President is well aware that the choice we have to make in about three weeks isn't even about the simple issues (for the Senator's position isn't really clear on any). His opponent doesn't offer any substanitive alternatives. The choice is about whether we will stand up to the challenge of our times or whether we will decide we just aren't willing to pay and sacrifice to overcome what must be overcome. That we choose to submit. For the President to have to listen to someone who advocates submission, however circuitously, is something painful for him to endure.

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