Lincoln's Genocide Of Whites, Black Kids Sent To Pricey Schools; USA Has Proof(?)!

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    In America, millions know that we have certifications, and their certificates. Ever since Lincoln created the genocide of white people--so they would kiss, make up, and unite with one another(?)--then Black Adults would discover the pricey school, like Sidwell Friends, instead of the public schools, right there in the neighborhood(?)!

    For people wondering if the U. S. Educational System is a threat to national security: There is real proof of all kinds of things!

    The Party of Abraham Lincoln first took the lives of White People away, then the security and economic role of black people away. Now most recently they have taken the Schedule M, reversible tax credit away. Then their Rep Ryan proposed to replace the Medicare program with Confederate Money(?), called, "vouchers," and then to take the profitable, investment income of Social Security away!

    Trust Fund FAQs

    Social Security makes money. That being so, to remedy the Social Security problem, what GOP Rep. Ryan proposed--was to take the profitable investment, trust fund income away. The money would be left to the "educated" individuals who would fend for themselves in the investment environment. They would only be guaranteed: No investment return at all! They would not get back even inflated U. S. dollar amounts. They would essentially get back a virtually, Confederate Money, relative pittance, and even be able to pass the crap, on to their heirs(?)!

    Bush had proposed that, too. Yale University is like that, about things. So Rep. Ryan added in more Confederate Money--not exactly Euros were proposed, in the MediCare Plan: In the name of social, budgetary progress(?)!

    Anyone asking if Americans need proof of things, don't have far to look to find the answers!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many dummied-down squaws: Come to Lands of Many Nations--with shiny trinkets for one-armed bandits--hoping for any kind of better deal at all!)
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