Like Voters In Spring & U. S. Student Loan Debt(?)--About IQ!

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    So far, many national polls tend to show Romney barely losing to Obama, unless they are likely voters: In which case then Romney edges out Obama. Famously, in contradiction, Washington Post on May 3 found that Virginia is solid Obama-land, and that Blacks are 97 in favor of Obama, in Virginia. Other state polls may show something similar.

    Washington Post poll: Obama leads Romney as campaigns converge on Virginia - The Washington Post

    What did JP Morgan Chase learn from all this, no one asks? When confronting Christian Mark 25:10, about camels in needle eyes: It actually takes a lot more than anyone previously thought--to just get into the Kingdom of Heaven! Both Romey and the University of Jerry Falwell, know that this is so! The Obama Campaign is major cash-flush, with its own version of likely voters.

    Actually, most "intelligent," likely voters: Are nearly bankrupt with student loan debt. Most "intelligent", likely voters: Foaled spawn now saddled with way too much student loan debt. Actually, JP Morgan Chase "intelligent" voters are likely now going to be federally investigated, or otherwise censured: Even before election day.

    The "Dump Joe Biden" movement is apparently quashed, which was finding anyone in a jail cell a better choice.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    ("Who was mascale, anyway! He's the Lo-o-o-o-nw White Man! Tune In, and See if he's dead yet!" Voters were a lot smarter, then!)

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