Like a fly on the wall of the DNC meeting room.

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Brn2bfree, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Like a fly on the wall of the DNC meeting room.

    One old white guys says...'We need to pick out a candidate that will have a good chance of winning'.

    Another old white guy says...'How about Hillary? I think America is ready for a woman president".

    Another old white guy says .'How about the up and coming Senator from Illinois? His name is Obama'. ...'He is a fair skinned negro who doesn't speak the negro dialect when he doesn't want to...I think he's a good pick."

    Another old white guy says, 'Obama is the ticket, we will certainly get all of the black vote...not to mention the minorities like the Muslims...but we need an old white guy as a VP to give the whites something.'

    Another old white guys says.......Yes, Obama is clean and articulate ...and like a magic negro, he makes guilty whites feel good.

    Another old white guy interupts and says.."No...American people are not ready for that...a couple of years ago...he would have been bringing us coffee.
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    In the center of it all
    Compared to the RNC meeting room....

    Where there are simply NO black people.

    1st Old White Guy: Shit! They got a black guy! And he's smart and charismatic! What'll we do?

    2nd Old White Guy: We need a black guy too! Any ideas?

    1st Old White Guy: ....

    2nd Old White Guy: ....

    3rd Old White Guy: ....

    4th Old White Guy: ....

    1st Old White Guy: Hey, what about that Michael Steele guy?

    All the Old White Guys:
    He'll do.

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