LIBS: You cannot legislate morality

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JRK, Aug 18, 2011.

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    I keep reading these post about Glass-Steagal and what de regulation did here and what GWB did there
    1) Making a bad loan is more than making a bad loan, its against the law. It is called fraud
    2) We have laws that make it a capital offense to murder someone. last year in Detroit there were about 308 criminal homicides
    3) S&P and its down grade has brought forth an investigation for some reason from the justice department.

    Libs you cannot legislate morality
    if we could Obama-care would not exist
    the housing bubble would have never happened
    Enron along with the 1000s of Enron's that never made the front page would not have occurred
    the NASDAQ bubble

    Point being stop blaming every-one
    deal with the facts and help us elect a president who will deal with these issues and stop breaking this country

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