Liberation Movements Gone Mad - Bad Behavior, Teen Pregnancy, Truancy and Hopelessness is the Result

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    I recently became aware of an online rant by certain individual, who stated that he was between 15 and 18 years old. The person presented himself as a high school student. He described himself as living in “Loserville,” a town adjacent to “Craktown” and stated that he was only interested in “getting money fast” and “school (is) not (his) interest.” He also described that he and his friends were into activities that were “very not right.”

    This post or essay from this young man seemed intelligent. He stated that he was not a migrant or a member of any group subject to racial or ethnic discrimination.

    This got me to thinking about problems such as teen pregnancies, dropping out of society, opioid abuse and bad behavior generally. These people are, in general, not going to grow into being providers. They are going to parent children who don't know their fathers, and may not even know their mothers, because of incarceration.

    The question is how do we get people back to pride in their homes, schools and community? Single parenthood, unconventional relationships, and dropping out of school are the order of the day. What have we gained by "liberating" people from nuclear family-hood? And teaching children that there are no rules, no limits. Is the mental anguish this is causing eased only by opioids? Why are religious, educational or community leaders taking an interest? Where are the pastors, teachers and small-town mayors?

    While politically I am liberal, I feel that experimentation in lifestyles, gender identities and sexual promiscuity that has developed since the "Summer of (Free) Love" in Haight-Ashbury in 1967 has not ended well. Time to walk back from the experiment. Maybe "Ozzie and Harriet"and "Leave it to Beaver" were cornball but at at least the results are better than we have now.

    Liberation is liberating, except for the inevitable victims. If people can't handle being parents, they shouldn't have children. Full stop.

    Having the mass of teenagers in areas that are not upper-middle class and affluent bored out of their minds is not a solution. These people often turn to opioids, sex and petty crime to ease the boredom. Many fancy themselves "transgender" for the thrill and drama. Quite simply in many areas people perceive no future; none.

    They are bored with school since the only post-school career path seems to be the military. If you suggest they read or exercise in their (too abundant) leisure time, they laugh. Except there's nothing funny about it.

    In the "good old days" households did not typically consist of a mangled mix of half-siblings. No one is asking if they're doing their homework. In school the teachers struggle with sleeping students or students distracted by their devices. I suppose that beats the alternative, violence.

    But seriously, things are fine for people from disciplined and disciplining families. For others, not so much.
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