Liberals Hit New Low

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    Liberals say Conservatives are mean spirted, heartless and cruel

    Look at these expressions of sensitivity from the left on Sen Johnson

    Classy Left-Wing Radio Jokes GOP's Calling Sen. Johnson a "Bleeding Brain Liberal"
    Posted by Tim Graham on December 19, 2006 - 13:07.
    Listening to the Stephanie Miller radio show today on the local Clear Channel "progressive talk" station, I found the trend to rely on comedians for left-wing talk radio entertainment continues. Miller's out, and the guest hostesses are comedian Elayne Boosler and comedy writer Merrill Markoe, still best known for her professional/personal relationship with David Letterman. Today, Boosler joked that Republicans "were so vile" that they were calling Sen. Tim Johnson a "bleeding-brain liberal." It fell so flat, even in the studio, that Boosler tried to point out that it was a joke.

    Bloggers have pondered the term, but that was long before Senator Johnson's unfortunate illness.

    Yesterday, this dynamic comedy duo was discussing Iraq, and Markoe claimed that Iraq was surrounded by Sunni Arab countries. Boosler weakly suggested "No, I think Iran is Shi'a," but Markoe insisted she was right, and they had to consult someone else to figure it out.

    Boosler also explained that she loves Bill Clinton because he is so authentically Christian (unlike his opponents) that he invited his adversary Rupert Murdoch to lunch and has improved his wife's media coverage in Murdoch outlets.

    NPR Host Asks If Sen. Johnson's Family 'Has The Right' To Ruin Dem Majority
    Posted by Tim Graham on December 18, 2006 - 13:29.
    Monday's first hour of National Public Radio's Diane Rehm show out of Washington focused on the health and political ramifications of Sen. Tim Johnson's brain surgery. Guests were Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute and CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Early in the show (about 7 and a half minutes in), Rehm grew a little crass, asking if Sen. Johnson's family could ruin the slender majority the Democrats hold in the upper chamber. Consider this through the lens of the Terri Schiavo debate, and see the liberal flip-flop coming:

    Rehm: "What’s if Johnson’s family were to say ‘Tim Johnson can no longer serve’? Do they have the right to do that?"

    Ornstein: "Uh, basically, no. I suppose you can imagine a set of circumstances under which he was in such awful condition, clearly deteriorating, moving towards death, where there might be a broader consensus in the Senate and in the society, but otherwise, no. It’s within his control. And again, we’ve had examples in the past where family members wanted to cut those ties, end the kind of torture, in a way, they were going through, but do not have the legal authority to do so."

    Can you imagine the spectacle if the Johnson family wanted a certain course of care for Senator Johnson, and the Michael Schiavo Democrats were saying no, the guardians have no say? Didn't they want the Washington politicians out of the debate?

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