Liberal and Conservative, we need them both!

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    I'd like to throw a few points out there for you to chew on and get your feedback. Please keep the shallow one liner partisan comments off this thread:

    It is essential for our government to implement policies from both the left and the right. Both sides should work together to present ideas, compromise, and decide which ideas are best for our nation. The extreme partisan rhetoric coming from both sides has divided us to a point of stagnation and I fear that nothing is being done to repair this broken system. A few points:

    At times of recession and high unemployment liberal economics present a better solution:
    - Government spending on infrastructure, education, R&D, biz grants, clean energy, etc. creates jobs and spurs economic growth.
    - When interest rates are low, as they are now, it is a good time for the Government to borrow and spend.
    - A deficit in Government spending means a surplus in the private sector. Deficit is not always a bad word.

    Liberal policies need to be balanced by a conservative agenda when the time is right:
    - When unemployement is low and revenue is high it is a good time for tax cuts and support for private sector business growth.
    - As private sector jobs grow we can reduce government spending.
    - Managing revenue and spending to maintain a reasonable debt to GDP ratio is important

    Oversight and efficiency in government programs is ALWAYS needed as there is way too much unnecessary waste.

    I'm disappointed that we can't be honest about our economic and political agendas. The economics of a sovereign nation is very different than that of personal/business economics and this should be explained by our politicians, not manipulated like is has been. Each side, skews the truth to degrade the other side and induce fear amongst their supporters. Each opposing force attempts to achieve the necessary policy balance through fighting rather than compromising.

    It is a shame that our government can't show understanding and validate the good points to both liberal and conservative agendas and work together to decide the smart and appropriate actions based on the real time circumstances. Instead we are stuck with two absolutist approaches, neither of which would lead us to prosperity if fully committed to.

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