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    I sent this letter to my Senators today:

    I am a 64-year old woman, and I've always considered myself as patriotic as an American be. My fear for our country is now foremost in my mind.

    I am ashamed, angry and disappointed with nearly every member of Congress for their increasingly childish and dysfunctional behavior. We have always had (at least) a two-party political system. Until recent years, the two parties disagreed on many issues, but as mature individuals, they managed to reach compromises to best serve their constituents.

    As the recent “debt ceiling” situation demonstrated, our government is now being run by children who simply will not play unless they get their own way. They would rather blame the “other party” than – heaven forbid – act as the vast majority of Americans wish them to.

    I live in a heavily conservative area, but nearly everyone with whom I discuss Congress' recent activities resulting in the downgrading of the credit rating of the United States blame the Republicans & Democrats equally. They also plan to vote against any and all incumbents in the next election to clear out the garbage and replace them with people who truly care about the nation they serve.

    I am embarrassed by and ashamed of you, along with all those in the Senate and House of Representatives who created this crisis. No matter how you try to spin it, the fault belongs to Congress, not President Obama.

    My husband and I are trying to sell our home so we can purchase a new home in the same State as our children and grandchildren. Now we are fearful that mortgage rates will rise and/or it will be difficult for us to a acquire loan, even with our excellent credit.

    I no longer live in the America well-respected by most countries. We are looked down upon, and our government is considered dysfunctional.

    I pray that you are removed from office when your term runs out. And I truly hope that you personally are treated with the same disregard that you have treated those you were supposed to represent.

    With deep DISrespect,

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