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    You stupid sons of bitches....

    Yes, that's a 20th Century way to start this, but it fits you so well.

    Since our history books are so completely erroneous today, and our populace is so controlled and programmed, I am scrawling this on the wall of my cell here at Supermax. My great-grandparents refused to go along with "change" in the oughts and my line has been paying ever since.

    There used to be a thing called the United States, and it had a Constitution. Yes, I know.... You're told that it is an evil entity -- oppressing people, interfering with other countries based solely on its own self-interest, polluting the planet with industrial waste, enslaving entire populations -- but there's much besides these lies, which they don't tell you.

    Used to be, Americans as they were called, were free to choose, to speak -- they had this thing called life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They had a Bill of Rights... They defended these valiantly, and attempted to spread them throughout the globe. Now it's known as CSA, the Chinese States of America -- because China called in their 90 trillion dollar marker!

    Anyhow all of that is prologue. And today, highly illegal to even talk about. Because you see, you idiots allowed fear and emotion to guide you, and made terrible decisions in many areas that are quite evident today. You allowed EVIL to win, and like any other war, the winner writes the history books.

    I won't bore you with everything that's gone wrong in the last hundred years, I'll just pick the biggest one and highlight it. It's been 88 years since we have seen the sun on our planet. Choices made in your time -- namely choosing CO2 as a pollutant -- have caused devastating global cooling. Ironically, you were led to believe your CO2 output was causing the opposite. It wasn't, that was one of the emotional hooks they used to get you to vote away and sign away your freedom. After that as they say, the dominoes began falling.

    Anyhow, the lack of CO2 in the atmosphere caused the planet to rapidly cool, and the plants to die off. We live on a barren, brown, cold, inhospitable, ugly world now. Only the ruling class has any type of decent quality of life.

    I have little hope this letter will reach you. I will soon be dead -- medical treatment is pretty much forbidden to all but the ruling class in my time -- and I seriously doubt that if our completely non-inventive, non-creative, no-incentive society somehow invents time travel, they would take this scrawled note to heart and send it to you. More than likely, they would try to interfere with history, changing events to make their takeover easier and faster than it actually was.

    In closing I'll say you are the idiots that screwed this world up, but not in the way they have you thinking. You actually played right into their hands. Fortune actually, really never favors the foolish.
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