Let's stop the racism and start debating the issues

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ScienceRocks, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Let's stop accusing all whites of being evil racist bigots and start debating the issues? I mean why practice reverse racism and hatred. This is a time in history to bring people together over the issues...Isn't this what this election is all about?

    This election is over two belief systems
    -One that has been in place for the past 60 years that has held people down and gave free stuff. While pounding into their head how evil the white man is and how he owes you the world. Yeah, something that happened 100 years ago is something this current generation should be punished for.
    -Another aims to bring all people up and attempts to at giving all the opportunity this nation is said to be about. While asking all races to help themselves and NOT blame other people for their problems.

    I understand that some people need help and we certainly do need a system that cares for people. We must be a society that cares for its poor and elders, but on the other hand, one that seeks to give an opportunity for you to become as rich as you possibly imagine.

    We should be encouraging all to better themselves. For one because it's the right thing to do and two there's no economic system that allows for otherwise.

    Some of you democrats bring good points to the table and I agree with a lot of them. There's so much to debate other than bringing up hatred towards whites. We should work to bring the poor up, but I don't believe you can do that through transferring wealth. Transferring wealth doesn't make anymore, but in fact reduces it for all. The best way forward is to build more through educating our population for them to make it themselves. We should spend money on our educational system. A debate needs to happen to find common ground on the reforms needed to make it effective for the child.

    At the end of the day it should be about bringing people up and becoming a nation that advances instead of going backwards.

    I'll stop being racist as long as you don't! Do we have a deal.:tongue: This is a step that we must take if we're going to move forward.

    Non-whites and democrats stop accusing whites of being racist. Stop being angry that many whites are successful as it's you that should be using that energy towards bettering yourself. I'm afraid that a lot of it is jealousy that one must get over. Until you can step forward and drop it yourselves, really what future do we have??? This election should be about issues not your hatred.

    Yes, I'll admit that there's some in the republican party that point out crime and violence, meaning better for themselves and family. Nothing wrong with that? Right???? Well, To the democrats that's evil. Non-whites need to better themselves because resorting to violence and crime is just going to spread more hatred. I'll admit that I come off like an asshole at times, but the other side won't even listen to us about 4-5 times the crime rate. Believe me, spinning around this issue isn't going to make it go away just the opposite.[/U] As a society we must be truthful and willing to debate for the betterment of all of our peoples.

    To say that all white people are racist and everything we say is evil. Is baseless. We do have a point that needs to be debated. Discussion is the only way for improvement.

    We all need to strive for our own betterment. I have nothing but respect for anyone that builds up their business or stays up late at night studying for a test. It doesn't matter what race or creed you're. People that whine and blame other people are quite the opposite within my mind.

    But this election needs to be about the way forward.
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