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    SS has always taken in more than it has paid out yet never has congress taken the surplus and put it into even US saving bonds. Now it's projected that in 10 years or so SS if ran the way it has been will come to a point where it pays out as much as it takes in.
    But I ask, where is all the money that was taken in over the years gone that was over the amount spent on SS benefits? Why does the people who spent this money seem to think it's not owed? Just because you put it into the general fund doesn't mean it shouldn't be there.

    The people in govt on the right saw forth to remove regulations on Banks and financial corp's which led to the biggest melt down in the history of the world, and then started the biggest depression in my history and I'm 65 years old, where we lost 8 million jobs before they lost power, but it took another year of overcoming the downturn they set in place where 800,000 jobs a month were being lost in Obamas first year.

    Bush and the republicans put us into the situation were in and I might offer on purpose so they could put forth their agenda of killing any program that goes to help the middle class.
    The deficit didn't happen overnight, but has been pushed to where it is by republicans.

    In the Ninety's we had a neutral budget under Clinton, and we had prosperity and 21 million new jobs.

    Under Bush and the republicans we have had the biggest lost for the middle class of wealth, loss of real income and loss of jobs at the same time the wealthiest Americans have gained the most of any time period in our history. American corp sent American jobs overseas at a high rate just to do three things, hurt the middle class and try to end Unions and GREED.

    No people, we didn't get here because of the middle class and trying to make a playing field that everyone has a place even if they aren’t to smart, or real healthy, of don't have a chance at achieving the American dream. Were here because of the miss management of our govt by those who believe that its OK to have two classes of people and the greed of those who really believe that "HELL I MADE IT ON MY OWN< and if you didn't tough shit.

    Yeah the party of Starting WARS, Cutting taxes for the rich, allowing corp to govern themselves, and sending jobs overseas to make a few more % profit. Republicans as far as I'm concerned SUCK, and Tea Party suck even more in their delusional thinking.

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