Let's see who is at fault

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    Obama allows four Americans to be murdered. But, it's Bush who is at fault because of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Bush has the terrorist attack on 9/11. But, it's Clinton who is at fault because of his negligence and bombing a terrorist camp in Afghanistan.
    Clinton has the first World Trade Center terrorist attack. But, it's Bush Sr. Who is at fault because of the first Iraq war.
    Bush Sr. has the first Iraq war. But, it's Reagan who is at fault because of Iran/Contra.
    Reagan has the bombings of Marine Barracks in Lebanon. But, it's Carter who's at fault because he just sucks.
    Carter had Iranian Hostage. But, that's Fords fault for being a Duffus.

    I pretty sure we could go all the way back to the beginning of civilization to find out who is at fault here.

    You know, I blame Woodrow Wilson for not giving that Arabs what they wanted for helping the allies during WWI. Sure, Iraq was created, but they wanted it all. Not to mention the Brittish starting to hand Palestine over to Jews. That pissed of a lot of Arabs but it wasn't until Israel was made a state and recognized as a state in 1948 that really got the ball rolling.

    Did you know the first act of terrorism against the United States came from Balsavics in 1920? Someone lead a horse drawn buggie filled with explosives and parked it in front of, I do believe, the New York Stock Exchange and BOOM! I don't know how many, if any were killed. Yup, Communist hated Capitalism way back then too. Who would of thunk it?
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