Leonard Peltier for President?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tommywho70x, May 7, 2010.

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    it is said that there is but a fine line between genius and madness. others may have noticed that hazy area in seer travis' postings too.

    dude is bonkers but there are little pearls floating in his swill.

    gunny shut down his thread about charles manson just as i was about to give him the opportunity to comment on leonard peltier who is 1)a political prisoner who may have been framed 2)been a write-in presidential candidate and 3)is nowhere near as insane as charlie manson.

    the peltier case is one that i've been watching since the mid '80's. i lean toward the peltier family's version of the story over the fbi.

    leonard peltier for president? could be. executive clemency for leonard peltier? should be. have you made your opinion know where it counts? (not here; bug the president. sign their petition)

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