Lenovo Outs The ThinkPad Tablet

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    An Android Tablet You Might Actually Want.

    Last week I tuned into a press preview of today’s Lenovo announcement. It was an online presentation so, you know, I went on and did other things while half listening. I was nearly ready to close the tab after listening to 20 minutes of some product manager explaining every little detail about the consumer-oriented IdeaPad K1 Honeycomb tablet. All he really had to say was, “We made a Honeycomb tablet. It’s the same as the rest besides it ships with Netflix. It has 32GB of storage and ships in August for $499.” That’s all I need to report as well.

    But then the presentation went to the ThinkPad tablet and I woke right up. This is the Android tablet the niche market has wanted all along.

    The ThinkPad tablet is like a legitimate dream tablet. It has nearly everything a person would want in a Honeycomb tab: an affordable digitizer pen, 2GB of cloud storage, a ton of built-in 3rd party apps, and a 1280×800, 16:10 IPS screen covered with Gorilla Glass. There’s an SD card slot, dual cameras, mini HDMI out, USB 2.0 host, micro USB port, and a SIM card slot. Lenovo states the Tegra 2-powered tab can run with WiFi enabled for 8 hours.

    Lenovo Outs The ThinkPad Tablet, An Android Tablet You Might Actually Want | TechCrunch
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    Lenovo moves into #1 position...
    Lenovo Inching Ahead of HP as World’s Largest PC Maker
    October 11, 2012 — For the first time, global technology research group Gartner has crowned China’s Lenovo Group as the world’s biggest maker of personal computers.

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