Leftist Terrorist In The News Again: Parole Revoked

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    Leftist Terrorist In The News Again: Parole Revoked

    This person is no liberal and I would say no progressive. She is a reactionary leftist, no different than the right wing reactionaries. While there are degrees to which reactionaries will and do go in order to push their idiocies on the rest of the world, there is no denying this type exists among us right now, in US politics and society.

    The Peruvian court issuing the parole revocation said it based its ruling on a failure by other legal authorities to verify addresses in Lima that Ms. Berenson had provided them.

    Beyond that, it was clear that broad resentment over the release of Ms. Berenson, who is widely viewed in Peru as a symbol of insurgencies against which officials waged a two-decade struggle that cost nearly 70,000 lives, influenced their decision.

    “Berenson was sent to prison for 20 years, and she only served 14 years, five months and 25 days,” said Luis Marill del Águila, an official in Peru’s justice ministry who announced the court’s ruling.

    “She hasn’t even served three-fourths of her sentence,” said Mr. Marill del Águila, who said that Ms. Berenson’s immediate arrest had been ordered. ​


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