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    I get the impression that General Dempsey is ticked off because retired military personnel no longer have to obey his orders:

    Please view the two videos to put Dempsey in perspective. The videos are primarily about Senator Sessions trying to get to the bottom of Leon Panetta implementing the administration’s position on defending this country. However, notice in the first video that Dempsey is Panetta’s guy:

    In the second video John Bolton clarifies what Panetta said. Ambassador Bolton does not cite General Dempsey, but, once again, I urge you to remember that Dempsey is Panetta’s guy:

    Dempsey is critical of former military personnel complaining about leaked intelligence secrets. My first problem:

    General Dempsey should retire so he, too, can say anything he wants to say. As a retired officer he can preach surrendering America’s sovereignty to the United Nations to his heart’s content. In fact, James R. Stewart uses less polite terms than I use to suggest that Dempsey retire:

    August 26, 2012
    The General and Political Speech
    By James R. Stewart

    Articles: The General and Political Speech

    Here’s my take on the issues involved: Civilians leaking intelligence secrets and methods is definitely traitorousness, while every active military officer who places the United Nations above the United States in anything is guilty of punishable treason.

    Surely, the damage done by Dempsey in that one appearance before Senator Sessions dwarfs the harm done by all of the intelligence leaks coming out of the White House. I say that because leaks will stop when Hussein & Company are gone, while getting permission from the United Nations to defend this country will live in Democrat circles far into the future.

    Just so no one thinks I am downplaying the importance of exposing leaked intelligence data, let me point out that it’s a major catastrophe with profound consequences when leaking intelligence secrets is less damaging to the country than the things A FEW of our military leaders advocate while still in uniform.

    I’ll close with a video about leaking intelligence secrets that I’m sure General Dempsey, et al. find objectionable:

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