Law Journal = Matin's killing & probable cause

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    Trayvon Martin's killing and probable cause

    What makes this article interesting to me is that we now know that Zimmerman was arrested and that, according to under Florida law, one cannot be UN-arrested. If Zimmerman is not (re?-) arrested within 175 days, he will go free, having gotten away with this killing.

    OTOH, I believe that local law enforcement has painted a target on this man's back. By letting him go, a lot people are hurt and angry and someone WILL kill him. If he is tried and found guilty, his life will be worthless in prison. In essence, they have signed a death warrant on Zimmerman.

    Hopefully, this debacle will open a dialogue on the ways in which this stupid "stand your ground" law effectively hampers a lot of real police work. But, gun nuts/nra don't really care about legal law enforcement and their howls will drown out common sense.
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