Law-breaking photographer saves the life of Maverick's surfer

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    Law-breaking photographer saves the life of Maverick's surfer

    Russell Ord wasn't supposed to be in the lineup at Maverick's on his Wave Runner Saturday. Technically he was breaking a recently passed ban on personal watercraft in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary imposed by NOAA.

    Luckily that didn't stop him from heading out on his to shoot photographs of surfers braving a clean late January swell that hit this week.

    While his presence may have miffed some, it's clear now that his quick action saved the life of surfer Jacob Trette when disaster struck in the morning. Ord's life-saving action is exactly why many surfers opposed the ban in the first place, citing the lack of life-saving apparatus allowed near the break on big days as a danger.

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    thankfully someone knew this law was fucking stupid and ignored it

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