Latinos can see much in Tea Party

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    Latinos can see much in Tea Party—besides Ted Cruz

    By Tony Castro


    The Prince Charming Russell is talking about is Ted Cruz, the presumptive new U.S. Senator from Texas that she and other Tea Partiers in the state are claiming credit for having placed on the precipice of a historic election in November.

    “This will be the biggest victory for the Tea Party this year,” says Villalobos, head of the Tarrant County Republican Party in suburban Fort Worth. “It shows what we in the Tea Party can do, and there’s no stopping us now.”

    Indeed, Cruz’s uphill triumph to capture the state’s Republican nomination to succeed retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson toppled the GOP power structure in the biggest Red State in America—and has signaled that the Tea Party is a bigger national force to be reckoned with than ever before.


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