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Discussion in 'Economy' started by jodylee, Oct 9, 2008.

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    I for one think this movie and the previous movie are great, the fact that so many people claimed to debunk it, then just went on to rant, shows how hurt they were and unready/unwilling to hear a bit of truth about belifes they hold so dearly. this, the second film talks more about economics and sociollaogy than religion, and is probably a bit more paletable to religious people than the earlier version, but only a bit. and maybe now you see your economy falling to its knees with the immenent death of the dollar, maybe now you will take notice.
    and i bet you read what i just said and thought, he's a terroist or muslin or somthing, I say 'your economy' because im english. so put your racisum away. I've posted many times before on this forum and got nothing but childish, ignorant, resposes.(i know i cant spell for sh#t). just watch the movie!

    zeitgeist addendum - Google Video

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