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Discussion in 'Media' started by DiamondDave, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Since I have stated before that I am a regular respondent to polls for Gallup, I won't go thru the whole thing again

    But I found this most recent "thank you" note from them interesting in the poll results they gave....

    Thank you for recently taking part in a Gallup Panel survey.

    Because you were willing to share your thoughts and opinions with us, we thought you
    might enjoy reading about some recent findings from Gallup Panel surveys.

    --When asked who should have the greater responsibility for job creation, about
    three-quarters of panelists (78%) say the private sector - businesses and companies
    - while 22% say the federal government.

    The percentage of panelists saying the private sector should have the greater
    responsibility is much higher among Traditionalists, the oldest demographic of the
    Gallup Panel, than among younger groups of respondents. Specifically, 86% of
    Traditionalists say the private sector should be responsible, compared with 71% of
    Generation Y panelists. Generation X (79%) and Baby Boomer (78%) respondents'
    opinions match those of the Panel overall.

    --Significantly more black respondents (51%) than overall panelists (39%) say race
    relations in the United State will get better as a result of Barack Obama's
    presidency. Nearly half of panelists overall (44%) say race relations in the United
    States will stay the same; a percentage echoed by black panelists. Just 6% of black
    respondents say race relations will get worse because of Obama's time in the White
    House, compared with 17% of panelists overall who say relations will suffer.

    --What do positive personal relationships mean to panelists? On a scale of 1 to 5,
    where 5 equals "strongly agree" and 1 equals "strongly disagree," 69% of panelists
    give at least a 4 when asked how much they agree that the relationships in their
    lives give them positive energy every day. Conversely, just 9% of respondents give a
    1 or 2.

    For the latest Gallup Panel updates and content, go to the Gallup Panel Members Web

    Thank you,
    The Gallup Panel Team

    Just figured something interesting to share
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