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    Midland, Texas
    Welcome to your Paradise
    a land for all your sin and vice
    a land plagued with the disease of men
    and you're just another specimen

    You beg and plead for help and salvation
    but none can hear your cries in this nation
    no where to run now where to hide
    just submit and swallow your pride

    You drink from the chalice hoping for water
    but you stand there in awe viewing the slaughter
    your prophets, your preachers, your healers all gone
    Everything you once thought true is wrong

    You look for a way to get out of this mess
    Trying to find a point of access
    you flail your arms beginning to fight
    Fighting thine enemy into the night

    To escape is your one true goal
    but you were never really in control
    Always and forever checked into this hotel
    Never destined to leave.................................this place called Hell

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