Lai Mohammed contradicts UN, insists Nigeria paid no ransom to free #DapchiGirls

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    Hours after a United Nations report presented to the UN Security Council revealed Nigeria paid ransom to free scores of female students kidnapped in Dapchi, Yobe State, Nigeria’s Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, has insisted no ransom was paid.

    Over 100 girls were kidnapped from the Dapchi school by a Boko Haram faction in February this year with about 105 of them later released by the terrorists. One of them, Leah Sharibu, who reportedly refused to denounce her Christian faith, is still with the abductors.

    Upon their release, Mr Mohammed told Nigerians that no ransom was paid for the girls. He said the kidnap “became a moral burden on the abductors.”

    However, a report submitted to the UN Security Council showed that a “large ransom” was paid to free the girls.

    “In Nigeria, 111 schoolgirls from the town of Dapchi were kidnapped on 18 February 2018 and released by ISWAP on 21 March 2018 in exchange for a large ransom payment,” the report stated.

    The report said such ransom and the predominance of cash economy was providing oxygen for the insurgency around the Lake Chad region.

    The UN report described as the 22nd Report of the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team related to Resolution 2368 (2017) regarding Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – ISIL – (Da’esh), Al-Qaida and associated individuals and entities.

    Excerpts of the report were published by the News Agency of Nigeria, which stated that the report was signed by Edmund Fitton-Brown, Coordinator, Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team, who said the report was “comprehensive and independent”, and Kairat Umarov, Chair, Security Council Committee.
    Lai Mohammed contradicts UN, insists Nigeria paid no ransom to free #DapchiGirls

    Ya, you do need to have some evidence there or you are just picking a fight that no body has time for. Show the money and shut him down.

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