LA Major Villagairosa On Board With ReDirected War Spending To. . .U. S. Cities(?)!

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    Probably Fourth Grade Is like This--CNBC is like this, the Ivy League is like this, and the House GOP Caucus is like this: Anyone has to remember what Abraham Lincoln actually did! Lincoln's god was War!

    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to lead U.S. Conference of Mayors -

    Republican National Committee even knows that Lincoln did not commence the wholesale genocide of U. S. white people: To free the immigrants from south of the border. History records the innaugural address--blacks were not too much at issue, either. In fact, it is increasingly apparent that the forefront of their Presidential Positions is that Abraham Lincoln was not even allegedly familar the the Spanish Language--but did know about jailing the political opposition, shuttering the opposition press, unevenlly providing for the enforcement of law, and evenly only declaring the blacks in the rebel states free.

    Hispanic immigrants, The Party of Abraham Lincoln knows how to deal with, it is being alleged(?)!

    The Republicans understand about demographics. The lethal wars are for ethnic minorities everywhere--unless the objective is kill off white people!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Warrior Hispanic finally noticed that New Hampshire GOP, CNN debate: Was all about issues of concern to some other planet! That is all about RNC, 21st Century, too!)

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