Knowing and Understanding Alternative Educational Supports and Sources

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    As a parent, I cringe to understand my children's accomplishments have to be their own more than they can be trained or controlled... by me and/or all that I would have for them.

    Their grades and their attitudes are not always as I would hope them to be. I admire the teachers and school staff, but I do not in any way envy them their positions.

    What can we do as parents? Potentially, as parents even of the more difficult, thick headed students within the system... we must know what alternatives are available and how to best make those alternatives accessible to our children...

    The military may not be something most parents, today, seem to want their budding blossems to be be involved in but the different branches offer a lot of avenues for high school students that need direction, even if they choose to not enlist after their high school years. The military volunteers and personnel seem to take great pride in training and educating our youth toward merely being the best minded citizens possible... :clap2:

    Another thing... are the alternative schools... the technical training institutes. GED and those who don't even have such [ yet ] can qualify for such courses and learn a lot of very important basics without being strapped down to books and paperwork.

    What of the youths beginning the early years of high school who seem to reject, buck, or just not even interested a little bit in receiving the education offered? There are avenues... that may help keep them connected to learning without necessarily restricting them to what is available in class alone.

    What are some ideas the board may have? Cutting out bad-tempered and/or individuals with bad attitudes are not usually the options many have that are put in some of the most difficult dilemmas.
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    Now that is an open ended question that can go a lot of places.

    I think our educational system has a serious problem with these computers. To what extent can the hardware and software be implemented to do a better job than the average teacher? A couple of years ago I took a music class at a community college. There were 5 old upright pianos for about 25 students. So we were learning notes and chords and how to read music. I thought the way it was done was rather tedious.

    So I found some FREE music software that let the user play notes and show the notes on the staff. The teacher did not object to my showing everyone but he was obviously NOT ENTHUSIASTIC.

    The thing is even if the computer is not as good as a real live teacher on a one-on-one basis the fact is students almost never get a teacher on that basis. A student gets 1/20th of a one hour class so often it is hardly any better than watching a video.

    So if parents just started sharing useful information among themselves about what to provide to their kids they could short circuit the educational system. Even if the kids are sent to school every day if they learn more outside of school that would still be a plus when they enter the REAL WORLD.

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    I got an A in the music class. But I think I could have learned as much or more with better software and save $300. A midi keyboard that can plug into a computer is $200 for a cheap one so if some good music software cost $100, that would have been better than the music course. I just would not have gotten credit hours. So if people start valuing knowledge more than credit hours and degrees...

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