Kim Jong-il Makes List of Top 10 Abusers of Power

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    U.S Weekly times reported that Kim jong-il has been involved with a lot of women and has kept a concubine. Meanwhile, His these behaviors are regarded as depravities among North Koreans. Who is his wife is uncertain until now. When he watches concerts or movies, if he accidently find the beauty, he shortly catch them and lives with them.

    In 1980s, 1990s he dispatched special forces to abduct South Korea's beautiful women. There is no one who knows what times he got married and how many children he has except for Kim jong-il himself. this is the noted fact that he made a group of young women in twenties. He calls them to many receptions and makes them dance front of people in a perfectly nude condition and be a sex partner. I think his indecent behaviors are like huge criminals. he should be punished on what he did. if not, there is no virgin in North Korea.

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