Kim Jong Il, Get Out of China -Change in the Chinese Twitter

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    US Radio Free Asia reports

    3 days after Kim arrived in China, there are lots of 'Kimjongil get out of China twits in the twitter

    Chinese netizens pointed out that the daily fee of the Darren Hotel which Kim stayed during the tour was about 2,300dollars, more expensive than the average income of North Koreans.

    One twitter user said guarding Kim was a waste of money, since that cost should have been used for the starving peole in North Korea.

    While the people are starving, Kim celebrated his and his father's birth day by spending 5.4 million dollars on fireworks.
    During the his visit to China, he spent average income of North Korean,
    This mad dictator is responsible for the starving people. He must pay for his sins. North Korea is not a proper state. Somebody should do something.

    We do not know the result of the China-NK summit, yet one thing for sure is that the Chinese twitter is full of twits blaming Kim. 「Kim Jong II, Get Out of China」
    There are things that you can not hide no matter how hard you try to cover up.
    Let's hope that theses twits are the stepstones for the future relationship between China and North Korea
    China now must behave as a responsible stake holder in the international community.
    Let's hope the twits are spread around the world to denounce North Korea once and for all.

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