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    I just read in the news that Donald Trump wants to know if Hillary Clinton's new massive hairdo is a wig. I'm waiting for Mrs. Clinton's response.
    How about, “What does it matter?”

    One can almost hear the laughter of the Democratic Party right now as one of our most hopeful GOP candidates asks such a patently ridiculous question.

    It's called, “killing time,” ladies and gentlemen.
    Is that the best you can do for us, Mr. Trump?

    Please allow, “We the People,” to ask Hillary a few questions in order that we may determine whether or not she is fit to be seated in the highest office in the land.

    We'd like to ask Hillary how she feels about being the only candidate in the history of a presidential election to be under investigation by the FBI for her actions concerning the massacre at a United States Embassy under her watch.

    We'd like to know why there are reports of her having told her daughter the truth while telling the American people a lie. Benghazi had nothing to do with a you tube video. Apparently Mrs. Clinton knew that before the rest of us learned the truth.

    We'd like to know how her Methodist Pastor feels about her endorsement of Planned Parenthood, same sex marriage and lying under oath during her appearance in Congress before a House Select Committee on Benghazi.

    Furthermore, we're interested in finding out why former FBI agent Gary Aldrich was willing to risk his own impeccable reputation and career, spanning 30 years with the FBI, the last five of which he spent working for the Clinton White House. His assignment was to do background checks on White House staff.

    He wrote a scathing report about Bill and Hillary Clinton in his book, "Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House.

    Could we please get an explanation as to why former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich would be writing about Hillary Clinton's questionable behavior at the expense of his own career?

    These are just a few of the questions that, “We the People”, would like answers to. It would appear we are already late in asking them, when one considers how long it took Congress to ask Hillary Clinton about her actions concerning Benghazi.

    When can we expect some answers?

    Is it that the American people are so naive they do not know their right hand from their left? Or is it that the people we've been nominating for decades believe they can walk all over the backs of the American people and get away with it? Will the American people and the news media demand that hard questions be asked before the election or is that only going to be required of one candidate and not the other?

    It was almost too incredible to believe that the American people would tolerate bill after bill being passed without reading it first. Will we now become known as the people who elect a President first and ask questions later?

    Although there are those who will object to my questions on the grounds that they are politically incorrect? What does it matter? We need the truth before the next president is sworn into office. Not afterward.

    Hope you are reading today, Mr. Trump. Your friendship with the Clinton family is not a game changer but your refusal to ask the right questions should be!
    America needs a Churchill! Not a Chamberlain!
    Which one are you?

    Please make up your mind.
    You're killing time. Ours!
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    Hillary Clinton is NOT under investigation by the FBI for her actions concerning the massacre at a United States Embassy under her watch. :cuckoo:

    Hillary Clinton did NOT lie about the video to the American people. Plus, what does that have to do with it all? You are talking about public comments AFTER the incident in Benghazi.

    Her pastor is now on trial? :eek:

    former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich is out to make a buck. FBI agents are known to support drug dealers and murderers, so writing a book for cash is nothing out of the ordinary

    You CANNOT speak for 'we the people'
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