Kidnapping: Iran's Political Tool

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    But is it an effective political tool?

    Just Like the Mullahs
    By Michael A. Ledeen, American Enterprise Institute
    March 27, 2007

    The Iranians have two basic reasons to take hostages. One is to break our will and drive us out of the region; the other is to trade their prey for their comrades now in our grip, of whom there is a significant number (several hundred Iranian intelligence and military officers have been captured in Iraq in recent months, according to good U.S. government sources).

    Why now? Because now is when they succeeded in doing it; they've been trying all along.

    Why Brits rather than Americans? In truth, they would prefer Americans, and, as we know thanks to an enormously important scoop in the current U.S.News & World Report, they had at least one failed attempt to do just that, last September.

    for full article:,pubID.25847/pub_detail.asp

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