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    "It would be naive to the point of grave danger if we do not confront Saddam Hussein."
    - John Kerry when the war was popular

    "Because of George Bush's actions in Iraq, we are now less secure."
    - John Kerry when the war was unpopular

    “Saddam Hussein is a real and grave threat. He has biological and chemical weapons and if you don’t believe he supports terrorism… if you don’t believe he, himself, is a terrorist, and a real and dangerous threat, don’t vote for me.”
    - John Kerry when the war was popular

    “If elected, I would not mislead my nation into war about a nation’s supposed weapons of mass destruction or ties to terrorism.”
    - John Kerry when the war was unpopular

    “If we give Saddam Hussein more time and he thumbs his nose at the international community, he will become emboldened as he has been in the past since our last war with him.”
    - John Kerry when the war was popular

    “All I had asked for was more time to let the inspections carry out.”
    - John Kerry when the war was unpopular

    "I think it was the right decision to disarm Saddam Hussein, and when the President made the decision, I supported him, and I support the fact that we did disarm him."
    - John Kerry when the war was popular

    "Yes, you can consider me an anti-war candidate."
    - John Kerry when the war was unpopular

    "Those who doubted whether Iraq or the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein, and those who believe we are not safer with his capture, don't have the judgment to be president or the credibility to be elected president."
    - John Kerry when the war was popular

    "We are now less secure as a result of George Bush's policies. We have traded a dictator for chaos."
    - John Kerry when the war was unpopular

    "We need to increase the funding in Iraq by whatever billions of dollars it takes. To not do so, to turn your back on the troops, would be irresponsible. No sitting Senator would do that."
    - John Kerry when the war was popular

    "The Iraq war was the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and has made us less secure."

    "I'm proud that I voted against the funding for Iraq... actually, it's a complicated matter."

    "I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it."
    - John Kerry when the war was unpopular

    “There’s a difference between Saddam Hussein and the threats Iran and North Korea pose and that is, Saddam Hussein has actually used weapons of mass destruction several times, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Iraq is a much more urgent matter.”
    - John Kerry when the war was popular

    “This Administration decided to go after the Mussolini of the Axis of Evil and ignored the greater threats in Iran and North Korea.”
    - John Kerry when the war was unpopular

    "I voted to authorize the President to go to war to send Saddam Hussein a united message. Not actually to go to war."
    - John Kerry explaining his vote in 2004

    "This is not a vote about sending messages. It is a vote about war."
    - John Kerry explaining his vote in 1990, before the first Gulf War

    “America is never too proud to ask for help… but I will never ask for a permission slip to defend the American people.”
    - George W. Bush, 2004

    "I’m an internationalist. I would only send American troops into combat at the directive of the United Nations."
    - John Kerry, 1971

    “George Bush is a unilateralist and has ignored the will of the international community.”
    - John Kerry in 2003

    "Where's the backbone of France? Where's the backbone of Russia to confront Iraq?"
    - John Kerry in 1998

    "President Bush's coalition is the coalition of the coerced, bribed, and fraudulent..."

    "The Coalition of the Willing is window dressing and they can barely do anything at all."

    "This coalition is one of the phoniest things I've ever seen. If elected, I’d form a real coalition.”
    - John Kerry insulting Britain, Italy, Spain, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, Poland, the Ukraine, the Netherlands, Romania, Denmark, Bulgaria, Thailand, El Salvador Hungary, Singapore, Norway, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Latvia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Albania, New Zealand, Tonga, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, and Moldova, who are spilling their blood and under enemy fire right now in Iraq… apparently a coalition is only a coalition if it includes Paris and those that disagree with you for political, financial, and cynical reasons.

    “America’s imperialist brothers in arms will pay the price for their support of the Great Satan in its colonial and bloodthirsty war.”
    - Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s number #2 man

    “Now our allies will have to pay the price for their support of George Bush.”
    - John Kerry

    "Troop realignment is bad because it does not strengthen our hand in the War on Terror."
    - John Kerry before

    "Troop realignment is good, specifically shifting troops from Europe, perhaps."
    - John Kerry now

    "The war against terrorism does not end with Afghanistan. We must confront other states, such as Saddam Hussein's Iraq."
    - John Kerry before

    "Iraq is a distraction from Afghanistan, where the war against terrorism really belongs."
    - John Kerry now

    "The Israeli security fence is a barrier to peace."
    - John Kerry speaking before the Arab American Institute National Leadership Conference, 10/17/03

    "The Israeli security fence is a legitimate act of self defense."
    - John Kerry speaking to The Jerusalem Post, 2/25/04

    "I am pleased with the Patriot Act, some of which I wrote myself. It modernizes our ability to fight crime."
    - John Kerry before

    "We must replace the Patriot Act with a new law."
    - John Kerry now

    "… And we need to think harder about supporting those who buy SUVs so quickly, considering the enormous damage they do to the environment."
    - John Kerry speaking to the Environmentalists for America group in California

    "I'm damn proud of my SUVs!"
    - John Kerry to SUV craftsmen in Detroit, four days later

    "Yasser Arafat is one of the worst terrorists to walk the face of the Earth."
    - John Kerry, 1992

    "Yasser Arafat is a statesmen and a role model."
    - John Kerry, 1993

    "The War on Terror used to be a law enforcement matter… but the days of cops and robbers are over. This is war."
    - John Kerry, October of 2001

    "Fighting the War on Terror is far more of a law enforcement and intelligence operation than it is a day-to-day military operation."
    - John Kerry now, October of 2003

    "With the end of Soviet communism, many believe Islamic terrorism is the next great threat. I disagree. I believe the greatest future threat to our country is the Japanese Yakuza group."
    - John Kerry is his book "The New War"

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