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    John Kerry's Pessimistic View of the US Economy
    By Michael Ashbury

    The Kerry/ Edward team and the DNC have made outrageous claims about how the Bush Administration has damaged the US economy and made life worse for the average American. Let's look at some of these claims and the facts that are ignored:

    CLAIM: A current Kerry/DNC ad states that George Bush has created the worst economy in 75 years!

    FACT: That claim would bring us to 1929 and the Great Depression in the United States. Banks, factories, and shops closed, and farms halted production. Millions of people were left jobless and penniless. Many people had to depend on the government or charity to provide them with food. Unemployment at the height of the depression reached 23.6 percent in 1933. However, unemployment today in the US is 5.4 percent; often considered to be full employment by most economists. No banks, factories, shops have closed, or farms halted production in the 2004 economy. Does that resemble the Great Depression?

    CLAIM: They say that we have lost 1 million jobs!

    FACT: Such a loss would be less than 1 percent of the US workforce. Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan stated in his economic presentation before Congress, "A million American workers currently leave their jobs every week, two-fifths involuntarily.... A million, more or less, are also newly hired every week."

    CLAIM: The Bush Administration has supported outsourcing!

    FACT: While this is especially hurtful to those that have lost one of these jobs, he fails to keep in perspective that this loss has only amounted to 3-400,000 jobs out of a 138 million-job market. Forrester Research, a national market research company, estimates that outsourced jobs will rise to 600,000 by 2005 -- out of a total of 140 million workforce. Still less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the nations workforce.

    The Kerry/Edwards team also fails to mention that the United States IN-Sources 5.6 million jobs, of which 34 percent are manufacturing jobs, with an annual payroll of $307 billion and paying these employees 19.1 percent more than their US counterparts.

    CLAIM: The Bush Administration has made the US dependent on foreign, and especially Saudi oil!

    FACT: John Kerry and his Liberal Colleagues have voted against every energy proposal to reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil.

    CLAIM: The Bush Administration has created policies, which have squeezed the Middle Class!

    FACT: Bush policies have:
    - Lowered the taxes on the middle class
    - Increased the child tax credit
    - Eliminated the marriage tax penalty
    - Reduced home mortgage interest rates to the lowest level in more than 20 years
    - Reduced interest on personal credit
    - Reduced the death tax
    - Reduced taxes on dividends and capital gains, and
    - Kept annual inflation at one of the lowest levels in recent years

    CLAIM: The Kerry/Edwards administration will help small business owners while increasing taxes on all individuals making over $200,000!

    FACT: A large percentage of individuals in the $200,000 plus income range are small business owners. Increasing their taxes will reduce their ability to expand their businesses, reduce hiring and negatively impact the economy, which is just coming out of recession.

    John Kerry and the Democrats are either ignorant of the US Economy or they are trying to hide their Liberal/negative approach to governing this country!
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    When people tabulated "job loss" in this country weekly hirings/firings are tabulated. "Job loss" when politicians talk about it generally refers to jobs that don't exist anymore.

    Just because outsourcing affects "very few" people doesn't mean that those 600,000 jobs aren't sorely missed. And the claim that Bush supports outsourcing is true-- why hasn't he done anything in 4 years to repeal the tax break for outsourced jobs?

    Maybe they were outsourced to the Halliburton subsidiaries who did business with Iran and Iraq WHILE the U.S. had sanctions on them. Just a thought.

    So the claim that we're dependant on foreign on ISN'T true. Usually when you do claim/fact you refute the claim, not say "he did it too".
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    If this was such a concern for John Kerry why didnt he propose legislation to repeal the tax break for outsourced jobs? I highly doubt the tax break is really that big of an incentive if we are getting far more jobs insourcing to the United States. If anything is causing companies to outsources its the arbitrary requirements of a minimum wage. If we artiificially prop up starting salaries for teenager, then i think its only natural for companies to want to send their manufactoring processes to someplace they can get cheaper labor. And if they can get cheaper labor somewhere else, why should they stay here? What do people in foriegn countries not deserve jobs or something?

    Also if John kerry is so concerned with outsourcing, why is he proposing that we outsource our drugs to Canada? Why is he attacking pharmacuetical companies that produce the drugs we need to survive? if the Pharmacuetical companies go under we will have lost tons of jobs. Particularly in New Jersey.

    Also, if John Kerry is so concerned with outsourcing, why the hell does he want to outsource our national security to France and Germany?
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    I wish more people would realize how much the Kerry campaign is lying about the economy.

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