Justice Roberts to Rule Against Hobby Lobby

Discussion in 'Political Satire' started by guno, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Wasn't this thread about the law clerk leaking ...?
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    You should run for President again in 2016, get elected and make this right, Tommy.
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    the road less traveled

    Once he goes through Detox, anyway...
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    The law clerk who never was (or the intern who never was).

    The thread is a fraud based on a crap outlet along the lines of Teh Onion.

    On the other hand, given that the Chief Justice was a huge dishonest twat in his original ObumblerCare Distortion -- err-- Decision, the fake story might have something real just below the scummy surface.
  5. emilynghiem

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    Hi Steven: I just got off the phone with a fellow Democrat friend who is opposed to the rising out of pocket cost before he can get urgent medical help (at least 8800 he has to pay up front total before insurance would do anything, which he doesn't have).

    But like you, he does not get how the Constitution checks government.

    He has the same opinion about Christianity and the Bible; has no faith there is anything there but corruption and abuse, so those are dead to him also.

    For people like you and him who do not believe in these principles,
    THAT'S FINE if YOU don't.

    but it is NOT OKAY to keep pushing your interpretaiton like a religious belief
    on other people and BLOCK our ability to stop impositions on us from unconstitutional
    overreaches of federal government.

    I see more and more that people like us have DIFFERENT BELIEFS.

    SO I am OPPOSED To either side IMPOSING on the other.

    Seems to me both the major parties need to use their democratically elected
    structures to run and fund their own administrations and as much of the programs
    under those as we can get off the government.

    Especially if we disagree, we need to keep government focused on just
    the parts that ALL PEOPLE agree are federal duty.

    The rest we don't agree on, neither party should impose their views on members
    of other parties or groups who 'don't believe the same things.'

    all this time, we have been imposing political religons or beliefs
    back and forth, so no wonder we have wasted all ou time and resources fighting.

    Especially if we are not going to agree if the Constitution is or isn't as fundamental
    to the Government as the Christian laws are to the church, we need to separate
    and quit imposing back and forth.

    If people don't believe in the Constitution the same way Christians believe in the Bible,
    we do not need to waste energy time or resources imposing our interpretations
    on others.

    If people believe the Bible is dead or worthless, they have no right to prevent someone else from following that.

    If people believe the Constitution is dead and cannot be used to reform government,
    the same thing is true: people cannot impose their views and block others from theirs.

    the govt should be NEUTRAL and quit taking one side or the other on so many different issues nobody can fight all the battles going on.

    This is becoming more and more evident that it is a RELIGIOUS belief
    and that is why people can't change their minds, resolve differences and agree.

    We need to accept our differences and separate by party, set up separate
    structures and leave only the core functions and policies we all agree on to federal govt.

    the rest can be structured by party to reach all people who believe that way.

    My friend is like you and CANNOT relate to people who believe that the Bible
    can be used to check church members and leaders against abuse, and that the
    Constitution can be used to check govt from abuse.

    He just does not think that way, and I finally figured it out it is like a religious difference
    that people cannot help. Like Atheists who cannot relate to a personified God but see the universe as impersonal; or Christians who cannot understand how Atheists can see all the same things but not understand God, so they think there is something wrong with them!

    We do not need to fight, insult, attack, discredit or demean each other.

    Nor should EITHER side abuse govt to push policies the other groups don't believe in.
    It's wrongful either way, and we need to start correcting all the problems that accumulated. Thanks and I hope we can work with forums like USMB to organize a nationwide structure by State and by Party to separate the programs we don't all agree on.


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