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    “As we protect and defend the American people, we must remain vigilant in protecting law-abiding American citizens from unaccountable governmental intrusion over their personal records." Nancy Pelosi 2005

    "Today we give the government the tools it needs to protect our national security while placing sensible checks on the arbitrary exercise of executive power. Today we declare that congressional and judicial oversight of the government¹s investigative authorities need not hamper the government¹s ability to fight terrorism. And today we pledge that Congress will continue to serve as the strong, meaningful check on the executive branch that our Founders intended it to be." Harry Reed 2005

    "But soon after the PATRIOT Act passed, a few years before I ever arrived in the Senate, I began hearing concerns from people of every background and political leaning that this law didn't just provide law enforcement the powers it needed to keep us safe, but powers it didn't need to invade our privacy without cause or suspicion. Now, at times this issue has tended to degenerate into an "either-or" type of debate. Either we protect our people from terror or we protect our most cherished principles. But that is a false choice. It asks too little of us and assumes too little about America." Barack Obama 2005

    These floor speeches and in the Speakers case a statement released were all arguments in the Senate and House on how the USA Patriot Act intrudes on the basic principles of Freedoms that have been set down by the framers of the constitution and fought over for over 200 years. Are these "just words"? to placate the " I hate George Bush" crowd or do they actually believe it? The recent proposals by these very same people seem to run contrary to those flowery speeches in defense of those principles. With proposals like taking over 401K's, Universal Healthcare, pointed wealth taxes, mandatory healthcare , the list is endless. Those speeches that point to the founding principles, of freedom, self reliance, personal responsibility, and a deep sense of right and wrong, are in the end "just words"

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