Just when I Thought CODEPINK(O) had Turned "Pro-Life"...

Discussion in 'Military' started by mal, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Killing babies won't make us any safer

    January 19, 2010

    Dear tha malcontent, (Named Changed to Protect my Undercover Identity! ;) )

    I have been writing the alerts for CODEPINK for several years, but this is the first time I feel compelled to step out from behind the collective voice I normally use and talk to you directly, in my own voice, from my own heart.

    As I write this, my three month old baby has pneumonia. He is doing quite well, given the circumstances, but it breaks my heart to see him suffer in any way. My mother took her own life a week after the baby was born, so I feel especially vulnerable right now, especially attuned to potential loss. In this raw, open state, the latest news from Afghanistan hits hard.

    Last weekend, twelve members of one Afghan family--including six children--were killed during NATO's Afghanistan offensive in Marjah. As I grapple with the grief over my mom's death, as well as worry over my sick baby, I can't begin to comprehend the grief of those affected by this massive loss. NATO Commander, US General Stanley McChrystal has apologized to President Karzai, but how can his words be anything but cold and empty to those left behind?

    Won't you join me in writing to NATO Command to let them know that if they continue to kill Afghan babies and children, they will only create more terrorists? An apology alone won't appease those who have suffered such profound loss. These military attacks are not making us safer; in fact, they are inspiring more people to take up arms against our troops.

    Click here to let NATO know that we cannot continue to terrorize and dehumanize the Afghan people.

    As a concerned new mother, as a grieving daughter, as a human being who wants no other human being to suffer, I urge you to use your own pain, your own love, to help change the hearts and minds of those in power. Write to NATO today. And join your individual voice with us in collective chorus as we congregate in DC this March to mark the anniversary of the war and work to end our military engagements abroad. Click here to find out more.

    I watch my baby sleep, follow the rise and fall of each precious breath and know I'd do anything to keep him safe. Don't the children of Afghanistan deserve to grow up feeling safe, as well? Thank you for speaking out on their behalf and on the behalf of all of our children's future.

    With love and outrage and hope,
    Gayle Brandeis

    *NATO ISAF (International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan)





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