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    I get tired of everyone saying that we have a year and a half to go before we can vote these politicians out.
    Do you know how many jobs I can help ship out of the country in a year and a half? A lot, I drive a truck for a living. I'm tired of going to an American company, backing up to there docks and loading there equipment in the back of my trailer to take to a port to be put on a ship or take it to our southern boarder so that these company's can leave this country. I also see a lot of company's going out of business because of too many regulations. There are empty building every where you look. Our taxes are not competitive and they have over regulated our company's to the point that they cant compete here in the USA anymore. We Americans have been screaming for jobs for how many years now? We need those jobs to help pay for our dept, to put money in the social security fund, medicare fund ect... All the people that are going to be graduating college soon or have already graduated college, Where are they going to work? How are they going to pay there student loans off? Our politicians haven't listened to us Americans in a very long time. They are too busy playing politics with our lives or trying to be politically correct all the time. We have tried calling our politicians to keep them from passing bills but for some reason both republicans and democrats keeps on passing the bills that hurt our American jobs. A lot of us drivers blame both of the party's.
    So the last weekend in July of 2011 us drivers are going to either go to Washington DC or go to our State Capital because lets face it, Try to name on state that is not in dept right now. Another reason why we said State Capital is because a lot of us don't live near Washington DC nor have the money to drive or fly there. We are going there to say that "WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH". But we are going to need all the help we can get! Us drivers can't do it alone. A lot of us drivers are using the social networks, blogs, ect.. to get the word out there to the Americans so that hopefully they can join us in saying ENOUGH!!!!!! We are also calling friends and family and talking to other drivers on the road. It doesn't matter if you are a republican or democrat or independent because we are all complaining about jobs, the dept, and the economy. WE don't need sponsors or donations. We just need the Americans to show up if they believe in the cause. A lot of us really can't afford to do this but we have been asking ourselves, can we afford not too???

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