Judy, the NYT and Plamegate

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    Times Does Duty, And So Does Judy– But It’s A Hash
    By Tom Scocca, Gabriel Sherman, The New York Observer

    “What kind of reporter are you?” Judith Miller asked Don Van Natta Jr. at the third-floor elevator bank of the New York Times Building.

    It was Oct. 14, and Ms. Miller was meeting—and confronting—Mr. Van Natta, one of the co-workers assigned to write about her, just off the Times newsroom at the West 43rd Street headquarters. She was upset, according to a source familiar with the interchange, because Mr. Van Natta had not yet called two of her friends to discuss her case.

    But Mr. Van Natta and his colleagues were grappling with the flip side of that question: What kind of reporter is Judith Miller?

    And the larger one that followed from it: What kind of newspaper is The New York Times?

    for full story: http://www.nyobserver.com/pageone_offtherec.asp

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