Juba sticks to tactic rather than strategic issue!

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    South Sudanese government places emphasis on minor issues rather than strategic ones regarding its relations with Sudanese government. Last week, South South urged Sudan to stop death penalty against one its subject who was convicted before the secession.

    It has the right to protect its subjects in anywhere, but the question is why Juba asked Sudan in particular while there are thousands South Sudanese subjects in other countries?

    Sudan has rejected the demand because the Sudanese judiciary is independent. The Sudanese criminal laws are based on the Islamic sharia which allows the relatives of the victim to demand the death penalty or accept the blood money.

    South Sudan has forgot that there are Sudanese subjects who are arbitrarily detained in Juba. One those detainees is Maj Gen Telphone Kuku and his fellows who have been detained for more than four years in addition to dozens of missing without disclosing the nature of their crime.

    Juba has missed a lot of chances to overstep differences with Sudan. If it had seized these opportunities it would gained more benefits than its demand for the exchange of prisoners or the four freedoms agreement.

    Juba has appealed Khartoum to allow food supplies to find its way to South Sudanese people while its insist on cease oil exports to pass via the Sudanese territories.

    Another contradiction is that insisted on holding a summit between Presidents Al Bashir and Salva Kiir to resolve disputed issues forgetting the joint cooperation agreement signed by the two countries await South Sudans commitment.

    Actually there is no need to explore how to execute the outlined agreement! It is clear that the South Sudanese government ignores how to maintain its strategic interests with Sudan. It insists on its own demands while it gives nothing in return and plays down strategic issues without considering the consequences or implications.

    Such behavior is strange to international relations. Even superpower states know how to prioritize their interests even with non superpowers. South Sudan is not super power; however its wants to have the full cake alone!

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