Juba: Oil and Security

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    The Sudanese government has necessitated implementation of the package agreements concluded with South Sudan last September with emphasis on security arrangements.

    South Sudanese oil delegation who arrived in Khartoum let me say on surprise visit was in hurry just to ensure the flow of their oil exports, whereas the Sudanese side give security priority from the very beginning of the negotiations till the summit meeting between President Al Bashir and South Sudanese counterpart.

    The Sudanese Oil Minister has necessitated that security first then oil and affirmed that Sudan’s upcoming budget will shortly depend on the Sudanese oil revenues and the trasnsit fees of the South Sudanese oil.

    The meeting between Sudan Oil Minister and South Sudan Oil Ministry Undersecretary has unveiled South Sudan’sole desire to resolve the deficit.

    Agreements with South Sudan will be implemented only when it becomes certain that South Sudan has given up anti Sudan support,, said Ahmed Ibrahim Atahir, Speaker of Sudans National Assembly.

    South Sudan must abide by the agreement on security arrangements first if it wants to pump oil exports via Sudan, he said.

    He called on South Sudanese officials to abide by the agreement concluded in September in order to establish good relations between the two countries.

    He said there are still hostile activities across the border as rebels continue to sneak into Sudans territory from South Sudan besides the fact that divisions 9 and 10 are still associated with South Sudans army.

    chairman of the National Assemblys Security and Defence Committee, Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Amin, said Sudan is committed to the agreement.

    He said Sudan proved its seriousness to carry out the agreement by expelling South Sudanese rebels but South Sudan is unwilling to oust armed rebels from its territories and continues to support them.

    The Sudanese government will not allow South Sudans oil to flow via its territory unless the latter has sticked to security arrangements. he added.

    Is Juba cunningly and evasively trying to obstruct the meetings of the Joint Security Committee in charge of executing the security arrangements agreement last week? Is Juba in hurry to pump it oil via the Sudan and in the same time to delay the security arrangements?.
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