Juba and New York: Lessons and examples

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    The crisis between South Sudan and the United Nations is worthy of examining not from political gleeful perspective, but for leasons and examples taking.

    The crisis surfaced when South Sudan expelled a UN human rights investigator, accusing her of producing unreal and unethical reports about human rights situations in South Sudan.

    US is seeking more explanations from Juba, because the cuurent reasons are not acceptable. The crisis will be the beginning of more dispute between South Sudan and the international community. Juba will, therefore be at odds.

    "The order is in breach of the legal obligations of the government of the Republic of South Sudan under the Charter of the United Nations," said Hilde Johnson, special representative of the UN to South Sudan.

    SPLM has no concern with human rights issue. The movement’s hard line leaders have criticized the former Sudanese Foreign Minister, Dr Lam Akol for defending Sudan over human right accusations, caliming that it was not his business.

    Juba has now learned the lesson. It realized that Washinton will not stop the UN investigation into illegal practices committed by South Sudan army.

    Allegations of media harassment and torture of civil society members have been swirling in recent months, and there have been growing calls on Juba to stop the phenomenon.

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