(Joke) Draft of Proposal to Criminalize Serial Lying, Implement “Lr.” Title for Convicted Offenders

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    This is a first draft of a legislative proposal for which we will soon be collecting signatures. All legal, ethical, or other relevant advice/comments are welcome.

    Proposed New Legislation:

    Serial lying shall be deemed a felony offense, allowing serial liars to be accused, tried, and convicted by a jury of their peers for lying. Punishments for serial lying can include being given the title “Liar,” abbreviated to “Lr.,”similar to “Dr.” or “Rep.,” which convicted offenders have to include on all documents and public listings of their names for a given time period or until they can present a verifiable track record of not lying. Failure by a convicted liar to list his/her name with the “Lr.” title can result in heavy fines, community service, and/or jail time.

    In order to be admonished with the title, substantial evidence has to be presented to the court proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused did knowingly lie in a legal, business, news, political, and/or other public setting regularly and for an extended period of time. Included in the count can only be lies shown to have caused physical, financial, political, and/or psychological harm.

    Additionally, all public profiles of a liar which include a list of past jobs held, certificates earned, or other accomplishments must include “Liar” within the list, e.g.,

    Lr. Martin Shelly - Resume
    Former CEO of Luring Pharmaceuticals, Former Stock Adviser, Philanthropist, Liar

    Lr. John Doe - Facebook Profile
    Former U.S. Congressman, Former U.S. Legal Representative, Liar, Family Man

    Lr. Dr. Jane Doe - LinkedIn Profile
    Former News Anchor, Liar, Former Political Consultant, Professor of Law, Humanitarian

    We believe this to be a needed, common-sense legislative change and ask for your support as we move forward with this proposal and collect signatures in the upcoming months.
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    Long overdue

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