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    If the election was held next Tuesday Mitt Romney would cruise on in. This is the fear Republicans live with: By the time November rolls around Romney might turn a lock into a loss. Tea Partiers are rightly more concerned over Senate races.

    Michael Savage lays out Romney’s road to defeat if he does not change his wicked ways. Click on the link. Then click on “add videos.” Start the videos playing by clicking on Savage’s picture:

    Michael Savage: Romney following McCain's losing strategy -

    I especially enjoyed the third video (46 seconds) because liberals go nuts when I say Hussein. Savage points out that liberals would have a diarrhea fit if McCain’s middle name was Jesus. I couldn’t resist using it for my title. It’s a funny bit and right on the money. Check Al Gore’s popping eyeballs.

    Savage makes his case by mixing McCain’s disaster with Romney’s campaign. I can only find fault with one thing. Savage puts too much emphasis on Jeremiah Wright:

    Everybody knows about Hussein and Wright. It does not make a dent because of this:

    Romney talks grand themes but he can’t get conservative Tea Partiers to line up behind him. That’s because Romney has no more to offer them than did Hussein and McCain in 2008; so he is falling back on “Let’s all unite behind me.” They all sound like Dumas’ musketeers “One for all and all for one.” Dumas’ musketeers were loyal to their king. One assumes our musketeers are swearing loyalty to the federal government rather than the country.

    Note the similarity in campaign strategies. McCain would not attack Hussein, while Hussein was saying collectivism would unite the country under his moral leadership. Following a loser’s lead, Romney will not attack Hussein, but he is preaching patriotism which is not Hussein’s strong suit. The truth: Hussein already portrayed the country; Romney can’t wait to do it.

    Every wannabe plays the “come together” card. Should one of them get away with it they will have a mandate to screw the country big time. The people in the federal government have been betraying this country every way from Sunday without passing themselves off as moral leaders; so what do you think a character who “unites the country” can get away with? The possibilities are endless. That is why they all sell themselves as unifiers.

    Hussein tried to establish himself as a moral leader. That was his shtick. He failed and his “moral leadership” is not enough to cover the results of his lies. Democrats need not worry —— Romney has Hussein’s back as the saying goes.

    Every hustling preacher that ever lived fed off their flocks by convincing them that they, the preachers, are morally superior. Hussein is a piece of work right out of the Preacher’s Guidebook to Sheep Shearing. He convinced millions that he is a morally superior human being. In so doing he was clever enough to manipulate every branch of government and the media into covering for him, but he was not clever enough to fool everyone. Without total acceptance going for him his hustle fell apart.

    Now ask yourself why is Romney using the same “come together” rhetoric? Not only the same crap Hussein pulled, Romney speaks in meaningless platitudes as did Hussein:

    Michael Savage: Romney following McCain's losing strategy
    GOP's 2008 nominee was unwilling to confront Obama on character
    Published: 1 day ago

    Michael Savage: Romney following McCain’s losing strategy

    Everybody knows that Romney will create jobs because he told us he would, but have you ever heard him say how he intends to do it? or if those jobs will be government jobs? or if those jobs will be labeled private sector jobs when they are funded with tax dollars à la Hussein’s green energy jobs?

    In any event, Romney’s economic talk is pure crap because he will do exactly what Congress tells him to do; i.e., more of the same.

    Forget the economy. Tea Partiers should get answers about Romney’s foreign policy before they even consider voting for him? He’s a New World Order guy; so he will continue selling out the country to the United Nations irrespective of his patriotic double-talk. That’s a forgone conclusion. This is where President Romney might be forced to expose his less than patriotic positions:

    Sack the Senate
    Michael Oberndorf, RPA Friday, May 18, 2012

    Sack the Senate

    Here’s the question Romney needs to answer in plain English: Where do you stand on those treaties should the Senate remain in Democrat hands? As far as I know he has never said a word about opposing anything the United Nations wants.

    Finally, let me point out that John Kerry inherited the title Biggest Traitor in the Senate. Ted Kennedy is dead, Biden is vice president, and Lugar will be gone come January. There are still plenty of Democrat and RINO traitors waiting to ratify UN treaties before or after the Senate changes hands. One thing stands out like a sore thumb. Ratifying UN treaties looks a hell of a lot more patriotic when a Republican does it.
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    Romney will lose and Savage is a self-hating Jew, hence the name change.
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    Savage is a bit overblown and it's funny that libs never quote him except when they get marching orders from the tax exempt propaganda entity that never sleeps, Media Matters. I don't pay much attention to Savage but I'm beginning to believe he was right when he said "liberalism is a mental illness".

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