Joe Donnelly beats Richard Mourdock for Indiana Senate

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    The Tea Party kicked out their moderate republican, Dick Lugar, only to have his wingnut successor replaced by a Democrat. Thanks, GOP.

    Joe Donnelly beats Richard Mourdock for Indiana Senate

    Rep. Joe Donnelly (D) has beaten former congressman Richard Mourdock (R) in the race for Indiana’s open Senate seat.
    Mourdock beat Sen. Dick Lugar (R) in a primary earlier this year. Since his controversial comments about rape and pregnancy during a late October debate, Mourdock has been a slight underdog despite the state’s Republican lean – significantly narrowing Republicans’ chances at retaking the majority in the Senate. The conservative Mourdock was also hurt by Lugar’s refusal to involve himself in the campaign, making it easier for Democrats to peel off some of the veteran senator’s supporters.

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