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    In today's WSJ there is a review of a study by the Dallas Fed using BLS statistics that since the official end of the recession in June 2009, 37% of all net new jobs created in the US were in Texas. 265,300 new jobs in Texas out of 722,200 nation wide. 2nd place goes to NY at 98,200, PA is 3rd at 93,000, and all other states combined at 266,000. Texas is also one of the few state (ND, AK, DC) that have more jobs now than before the recession hit in Dec 2007.

    Why? The economic model that Texas uses to create and maintain a business friendly climate has to be at least one of the biggest reasons. Let's face it - capital, both human and money, naturally flows to the places where the opportunities for profit are greater and cost burdens are lower. And in today's global economy, the same is true for nations. If the US wants to create more jobs and prosperity, they need to look at how Texas is doing it.

    1. No state income tax.
    2. Limited and flexible regulatory environment
    3. Small, fiscally responsible gov't
    4. Right to work law
    5. Ongoing tort reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits and litigation costs
    6. Limits mortgage borrowing to 80% of appraised home value. 052702304259304576375480710070472.html
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