Jin - Jiyan - Azadi: Women, Life, Freedom

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    Sonja Hamad: The story of the Kurdish female fighters is a very personal theme; it’s a piece of home for me. My cultural background made it easier for me to access the fighters and hear their stories—our shared background allowed me to get really close to them.

    It was very important for me to let the women tell their stories without reservation or ideological influences. I was keen to avoid sensationalist images of the fighters, especially the kind of imagery that is often shown by the international media. I’ve found that Western media outlets are fascinated by the Kurdish female fighters who risk their lives in the fight against ISIS, and yet, the hundreds of headlines and photographs of these women are largely homogenous: they depict them as little more than glamorous pistol divas, precursors of “eastern” feminism.
    Jin - Jiyan - Azadi: Women, Life, Freedom - Photographs by Sonja HamadInterview by Winifred Chiocchia | LensCulture

    They have an interesting interview with Sonja Hamad and some of her photos.

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